Ladytron - "Tomorrow" and Ryan McGinley

So, I may not be the biggest fan of Ladytron's music (they're great for what they do, it's just not my thing) , but I think they are absolutely brilliant when it comes to their videos. "Tomorrow" is off of their 2008 release, Velocifero and is beautiful. Ethereal, enegmatic, and magical it caught me even before the jellyfish scene (at which point I would have been bought entirely even if the rest of the video was a closeup of someone's inner ear). I watched it the second time around without the sound and could imagine it working well with something like Goldfrapp, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Black Moth Super Rainbow, or MGMT.

It brought to mind the work of NYC (I think he's originally from NJ) photographer Ryan McGinley, who's work I've delved into recently and can't seem to get enough of. Mostly capturing happy young things frolicking about shamelessly, giddily, and bare as the day they were born. His photos, to me, transmit a light innocence and the weightless happiness of childhood. Their subject matter, kids in their early 20's who are clearly past that phase in their lives, gives the work an extra kick of something...well, it's hard for me to put my finger on. Take a look for yourselves! Here are some of the images that the video made me think of - for the rest of his works, check out his site