shoe renew

I love these shoes, and it shows. They've been worn to a ghost of their previous glory and I missed having them as my go-to easy flats. Perfect with jeans or leggings or a dress...and they're comfy. The fake little ostrich print going on on the leather gives them some extra interest, but not too much.

That is why I decided to take matters in my own hands and attempt a little recessionista (ek-cringe. I find the word cheesy and slightly annoying, but can't deny yet its perfection in some cases, including this one) action on these babies!

Paint :) Haha, yes, not just another excuse to revel in another messy painting project afternoon, but one that will save me some green as well! And it really wasn't even that messy...

and voila - Shoes I can actually wear again that I like even better than before!