DZ bank building, berlin, 1996 -2001
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Valerie Hegarty

some new pieces for the VeridiAum collection on Etsy...

shoe renew

I love these shoes, and it shows. They've been worn to a ghost of their previous glory and I missed having them as my go-to easy flats. Perfect with jeans or leggings or a dress...and they're comfy. The fake little ostrich print going on on the leather gives them some extra interest, but not too much.

That is why I decided to take matters in my own hands and attempt a little recessionista (ek-cringe. I find the word cheesy and slightly annoying, but can't deny yet its perfection in some cases, including this one) action on these babies!

Paint :) Haha, yes, not just another excuse to revel in another messy painting project afternoon, but one that will save me some green as well! And it really wasn't even that messy...

and voila - Shoes I can actually wear again that I like even better than before!

VeridiAum in the works...

I just started a new project for VeridiAum yesterday afternoon (maaaaybe a Summer pop-up collection!). I hand dyed some strips of recycled jersey using dip and splatter techniques and basically made a big mess. Much fun :) More to come...

My Piu Cara Friend, Sandra...

and her friend Vanessa just started this slick gorgeous line, KAEL. They also just opened a store in Belgrade under the same name - I'm so excited for her! I love the details in their debut collection - interesting sporty/bodycon lines, peepholes, great jackets and this pair of leggings with a cutout/gathering detail that is to die for. I have to talk to my girl about those...

Sandra Lalovic was one of my best friends at design school in Milan, we both graduated in '06 from Istituto Marangoni's 4 year fashion degree program. She's such a unique and lovely person and I was always very inspired by her design style. She has an eye for very modern yet sensual and sensitive lines with a subtle menswear/tailoring edge (something you'll see in the pieces). She was always the best in our patternmaking class and could cut anything with great intuition and a centered sense of fit... She was also always game for aperitivo (oh how I miss aperitivo! Someone needs to start an NYC aperitivo movement!) and/or a night out at Plastic :)

I miss her a ton (she divides her time now between Milan and Serbia) and am so proud of her! The collection is available at their namesake store in Serbia and I'll update on the possibility of it being available online and hopefully add a bit about Vanessa. I'm going to try to pull up some photos of their grad collections too. You can see the whole collection here at their facbook page. For now, here's a sneek peek of the debut collection and the KAEL store - enjoy!

Gilles Balmet Rorschach, 2004

All of those CR illustrations with "plaster" masks somehow turned me on to Rorshak type ink blots...

I ran into this Yazbukey Cult poster at Linlee Allen (super talented writer/photojournalist) 's blog yesterday. I love love love the illustration style and it reminded me of the series of sketches of Kate that Cedric Rivrain did for Numero a few years ago. Ha - yes, maybe I could have looked in the lower corner of the poster before spending 10min trying to google an answer (argh! must stop using google search like a crystal ball or something!). So yes, it is him! I haven't seen any of his work around in a while, so I dug up some images... I can't get enough of the jellyfish/rorschach test hair on the poster!!!

So now I'm wondering how I had never heard of Yazbukey before. After doing a bit of research I guess it's because their previous collections aren't really up my alley...the Cult collection, however had my nose pressed up against my poor little mac screen in notime! Check some of these out:

Yarn Theory

PS122 takes part in the knitting blowup with:

"Yarn Theory, an exhibition which highlights the vibrant and deep interrelationship between the sciences, mathematics, crocheting and knitting. From mathematicians looking for clear and visual ways to model their theorem to home-knitters and artists looking to create unique sculptural objects, the world of contemporary yarn work is rife with cross-pollination between the disciplines. The explosion in the popularity of knitting and crochet has yielded an interest in using the medium to go far beyond sweaters, socks, and wearables into the worlds of geometry, biology, natural sciences, and to push the medium’s sculptural boundaries."

For any of you who have tried your hand at pattern making, or even better - making a piece with a "made by me and recorded only in my brain" pattern, you can appreciate the spatial and exponential subtleties that go into the process (especially if your pet project comes out looking like a sea monster). I'm looking forward to checking this one out! Looks like they're trying to stay away from fashion and go the "other uses" route, but I wish they had some Sandra Backlund in there. I can't get her stuff out of my head lately and would love to see some up close and personal...

Here's the info:

PS122 Gallery
East Village / Lower East Side
150 First Avenue, 212 288 4249
April 25 - May 17, 2009
Opening: Saturday, April 25, 5 - 7PM
Web Site

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Curator: Martha Lewis

Artists: Ted Ashton, Emily Barletta, Sarah-Marie Belcastro, Nancy Cohen, Rita Cohen, and Anschel Schaffer-Cohen, Christine Domanic, Kate Fenker,

Amanda Gale, Miyuki Kawamura, Martha Lewis, Margaret Oomen, Gail Rothschild, Daina Taimina, Daniel Yuhas

Guerrilla Knitting Project: “9th Street Fence,” organized by Karen Eubel

Hallway Project: Robyn Love, “The Knitted Mile”

Performance: Lisa Daehlin in an OperaKnit Cabaret, with yarn antics by Flash Rosenberg and piano accompaniment by Louis Menendez