The Dead Weather

I have gotten so much flack for liking The Kills...friends and loved ones just don't seem to share my appreciation, but whatever - now I'm prepared to take even more for being so pumped about the fact that VV is the lead singer in Jack White's new band, The Dead Weather!! (wooohoo!)

How could I not have a crush on Alison Mosshart? (Doesn't she look like Kate Moss in that photo?) She's like a modern day Ann Wilson with a touch of Grace Slick - she rocks hard, has great style, and that voice... The way she saunters around on stage ...sigh. Yes, I wish I was her. So - the rest of the line up isn't too shabby either. QOTSA (another guilty band-love of mine)'s Dean Fertita on guitar, and Jack Lawrence of the Raconteurs on bass.

I'll admit that the single didn't bowl me over, but its vibe made me hope for an album that will be a guilty tryst with late '70s style rock. It's supposed to hit in June - my fingers are crossed for something to fall in love with and strut out to all summer long.

The Dead Weather "Hang You From The Heavens" (mp3)

The Dead Weather “Are Friends Electric?” (Gary Numan cover) (mp3)

Twinkle Toes - I wanna get MINXED!

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! Someone has answered my prayers and brought the world Minx. Seamless, perfectly mirrored, metallic nail-ness! Hot as hell AND eco-friendly, no chemicals are needed to apply or remove Minx. They're some sort of heat applied sheeting and they supposedly actually protect the nail. Why do they have to cost $50? :( I'm holding out for a recession special but may have to break down if some play money comes my way. Apparently these puppies last without a chip for 2 weeks.

You can also have tiger stripes or even an actual photo or logo (holla VeridiAum!) fused in there too... maybe I'll save that for my front incisor.

Damn you New York Magazine for making me want things I don't need!

VeridiAum and Old Hollywood in NY Mag

VeridiAum gets a shout-out in New York Magazine's annual "best of" issue! Old Hollywood, our favorite Brooklyn shop, gets the ultimate nod as "Best Jewelry" store in NYC. Not too shabby :) VeridiAum gets a mention in there too. Congrats OH!