have i told you how much I love terrariums?

 These are by litill.  
Definitely check out their site  - some of my favorites (there's one with pyrite chunks) can only be viewed there and the site design itself is worth a peek.    

In addition to designing, one of my favorite things about working on VeridiAum is connecting with stores and their owners.  More often than not, behind a drop dead creative and beautifully designed store is an equally interesting person.  When one of these people seeks out my work I'm always a little stunned and hugely flattered.  It's so inspiring to learn about their passions while researching their stores, especially knowing that VeridiAum will be a part of their vision.  

Daniela Bettoni is one of these people that I have been so happy to get to "deal with" through VeridiAum, and her store, Rua Confettora 17, couldn't be more like what I would dream of running myself. 

The store itself is located in the ancient city center.  Once a bottega specializing artisanal restoration, it is now a contemporary laboratory showcasing young, independent, sustainable design. 

"Rua Confettora 17 is both the street and the name of the gallery.  I propose especially handmade limited edition collection (furniture, lighting, accessories and jewelry) but also pieces of industrial design. As Piet Hein Eek says, good is what remains." 

The Prism Collection is now on it's way there and should be available by the end of this month.  Check it out!