We're transforming!

As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, so must we become...More Green!

As of today, VeridiAum will not be accepting any further orders until our reopening on March 16th. More details to come!

Spring/Summer '10 inspiration

I found these old tears today with some sketches from my school days - I'm liking them as both color and embellishment/texture inspiration. Love all that white!

My DIY Spring Wardrobe - Outfit #1

This year I'm actually going to do it - make all the stuff I've been wanting in my closets for this Spring! Nevermind that my studio is littered with the scraps of this abandoned dream from years past...
Article #1: 1' square knitted mohair - was once to be rodarte like sweater

Article #2: hand painted dress still lacking a zipper (I'm convinced I'll ruin it if I do it myself :S) and needs a hem job

Article #3: cut out pieces of recycled clothing in "me made" pattern for drapey cardigan, yet to see a needle

The list goes on and on.

This year I am going to change my project abandoning ways and make at least 5 pieces! (notice I have not yet mentioned any sort of deadline :)

So without further adoo, here's outfit #1 (yes, it's Rodarte inspired)

I've been fantisizing about delicious layering possibilities that owning a nude unitard (don't laugh - you'll want one too by the time I'm through!) would allow... Like slouchy sheer chiffon pieces, lace, or best of all - a lace knit mohair dress. I already had this amazing blue/grey mohair blend yarn and my big fat knitting needles (sz17 or 12.75mm). I plan on knitting a tube and then topping it with a draped off the shoulder piece. I started working on it a bit 2 weeks ago and haven't touched it since (yes, my old habits begining to take over), but I think that if I work on it for an hour a day it'll be done in 2 weeks.

So now - deadline time. Let's say March 6th? Wish me luck :) I'll share the details when it's done.

Need... More... Beirut

Why oh why is the new Beirut album not 3x longer? When I heard it was a double EP I was all excited for a binge type fix, but alas - they meant EP in the true sense of the word :( Oh well, it's still a gorgeous album. I haven't decided which half is my favorite...

Here's a video from the first EP, March of the Zapotec - "La Llorona"

and a track (in video format, not sure what's up with the pooh...) from the Holland EP - "my wife, lost in the wild"

Necklace "Collage"

Sometimes storage solutions lead to inspiration :)

Papercuts - "Future Primitive"

There's nothing extraordinary about this track, but I'm liking it just the same. It's buzzy swing is just the thing thats been hooking me this year.

I love the drum - something you'd expect to hear in a song by The Temptations! It's similar to the sound of the percussion in that Department Of Eagles song "No One Does It Like You" which get's more than it's fair share of play on my ipod these days. Both have this really cool motown-ish like vibe that feels really '60's...

The band is Papercuts and You Can Have What You Want is out 4/14 via Gnomonsong.

Papercuts - "Future Primitive" (MP3)

Persepolis and the Library

I know I had been aware of this film's existance, but I'd never taken the time to read up on it (why?!) and/or watch it until this last weekend when I discovered my local library! This isn't just any library - it's the library of 2009! (Well maybe just "post 1990's") I ordered 3 books (just like on amazon, but free!) and rented (yes - you can rent DVDs for free!) Persepolis and Grey Gardens for kicks.

Persepolis had me hooked in the first 3 minutes - it's AMAZING! The way the black and white cartoony medium contrasts with the exoticisim of the subject is perfect. It neutralizes just enough to universalize and allow any viewer to see just how easily Marjane's story could be their own. I cried in the first half of the movie - and cackled like an old crow for the rest. I love how the characters aren't all "Incredibles"/"online car insurance" gumby like cartoons - these ladies actually have boobies and some back :)

The film was animated and illustrated entirely by hand and you can feel the difference. I loved all of the black with touches of white...think I'll start working on some prints with that feel.

VeridiAum in Refinery29!

Oh happy day :) Check out Refinery29's writeup of VeridiAum!

Hell's Kitchen Vintage Market 2.8.09

I did mean to post this in a timely manner - i.e. not a week after the fact, but oh well. I'm a big fan of the Hell's Kitchen flea market. I always find something there that I can't live without, and if I had the money and space in my apt., I would furnish the whole shebang with goodies picked up there. About half of my wardrobe and vintage jewelry collection comes from this little gem.

In an attempt to keep the budget tight and "not buy anything unnecessary" (which I warn you is IMPOSSIBLE if you go to this place!) I had purposely avoided it like the plague for the past 3 or 4 months. This was no simple feat, especially as the location is a mere 8 blocks (the small ones!) away from my humble abode. Last weekend, however, I had the excuses of a freelance project and a gorgeously 60 degree and sunny day in the middle of winter :) Yeay!

I found some amazing prints for my client, some cool old chains, beads, and bits for VeridiAum, and several vintage necklaces that I justified buying by promptly opening an Etsy Vintage shop and listing them for sale the second I got home :)

Ahhhh midtown...

a small sampling of the eclectic mix of treasure/trash to be found... (I love crystals. It's a miracle I was able to resist buying this thing.)

Some of my booty - I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of a chunky Lanvin-esque piece with the crazy crystal clusters.

My favorite of the vintage pieces I picked up is this neck collar - it has this amazing persian looking relief.

The prints - they came out a little blurry, but you get the idea. My favorite is the feather - it's a little over a meter long and has a lovely sketchy hand to it. Can't wait to stick it on a dress!

Hells Kitchen Flea Market- Located on West 39th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues and open 9 AM - 6 PM every Saturday and Sunday


I've been listening to this band for a few weeks now and am nothing less than in "crush" with them and their first EP, Exquisite Corpse. Warpaint's harmonies are shiver inducing, hauntingly beautiful confections that I could listen to for hours. "Billie Holiday" is a great example of this and one of their sweeter songs.

mp3 - "billie holiday"

Here We Go Magic - "Tunnelvision"

Ladytron - "Tomorrow" and Ryan McGinley

So, I may not be the biggest fan of Ladytron's music (they're great for what they do, it's just not my thing) , but I think they are absolutely brilliant when it comes to their videos. "Tomorrow" is off of their 2008 release, Velocifero and is beautiful. Ethereal, enegmatic, and magical it caught me even before the jellyfish scene (at which point I would have been bought entirely even if the rest of the video was a closeup of someone's inner ear). I watched it the second time around without the sound and could imagine it working well with something like Goldfrapp, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Black Moth Super Rainbow, or MGMT.

It brought to mind the work of NYC (I think he's originally from NJ) photographer Ryan McGinley, who's work I've delved into recently and can't seem to get enough of. Mostly capturing happy young things frolicking about shamelessly, giddily, and bare as the day they were born. His photos, to me, transmit a light innocence and the weightless happiness of childhood. Their subject matter, kids in their early 20's who are clearly past that phase in their lives, gives the work an extra kick of something...well, it's hard for me to put my finger on. Take a look for yourselves! Here are some of the images that the video made me think of - for the rest of his works, check out his site www.ryanmcginley.com

Monday Morning - photo inspiration

In an inspiration hunt this morning I stumbled across this amazing photostream by "superbomba" on flickr. It's a huge collection of random vintage photos that you should NOT link to unless you have 2 or 3 hours that you can toss out the window without guilt...I had to force myself to stop after an hour (which felt like 10 minutes) and if left to my own devices I would have looked at all of 'em!

I love these and how each one could inspire a whole novel...or collection. Enjoy :)

(woah - the more I look at it, the more the first image with the skull reminds me of the cover of the Violent Femmes self titled album even though it looks nothing like it... weird)

Quote of the...

"...sees fashion in the broadest sense of the word, as a form of expression of the emotions of our times.  Clothing reflects society or, adversely, questions it.  Fashion people are not a self-absorbed clique, but committed people who question prevailing concepts of ethics and aesthetics and take a stand for or against aggression, rejection, denial, helplessness.  In fashion, there is a freedom of expression which can at times be shocking, alarming, astounding, or tempting" - Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Design Inspiration: pieced and layered lace, web, and net

It started with Rodarte's SS '09 collection and has recently become an obsession of mine - a collage of lace and net, threadwork, and transparencies. The images I've put together are all black, but I think this would look amazing in a pale warm grey or neutral with a shot of a brighter color here and there or in the stitching holding it all together...

And did I mention that I need these leggings?!? They're by LA designer Brian Lichtenberg and you can buy 'em online here. I'm considering attempting to make a pair, but without a serger I fear certain doom.

Okley by M.I.A

God I love this girl...and now I can have her leggings!!!

M.I.A.'s new line is a fun mix of crazy printed jackets, leggings, aaaaand BODYSUITS! (aaah I want it I want it I want it!!!). You can pick some up for yourself here at her site or snag the gear at Opening Ceremony. Sadly, the Afrika leggings - my fave are gal gone :( Looks like I'll just have to save my little pennies for the Mexico body (and start doing some mad leg lifts). By means of presentation she put together this crazy little film, "The Real Pirate of the Caribbean" - check it out (and beware the doggie porn)

I will dream about these...

Dark Was The Night

Dark Was The Night will be released on February 17th, 2009. With 31 exclusive tracks from artists like Beiruit, Dirty Projectors, and Yeasayer it would be on my want list automatically - add the fact that sales will benefit the Red Hot Organization – an international charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for HIV and AIDS through popular culture and it's impossible to pass up!

Check out some of the tracks below on the little widget and check the bottom of the post for a free mp3 of the Dirty Projectors + David Byrne track, "Knotty Pine"

Too bad it's not coming out in time for Valentines :( Although... you could advance order it here, paint a perdy little place holder, and voila! An unbeatable cheese free Valentine :) You can thank me later.

Add this to your ipod
mp3 Dirty Projectors and David Byrne: "Knotty Pine"